Thursday, January 03, 2008

3rd and/or Bust

I was reading a political-analysis article the other day which made good sense. The author was claiming that the big indicator in today's Iowa Caucus is 3rd place. For the democrats, there are 3 key players: Clinton, Obama & Edwards. The 3rd place finisher on the Democratic side will be the real 'loser' of the Iowa caucus. On the Republican side, it's the opposite. In Iowa, 1st & 2nd place are pretty much rapped up by Romney & Huckabee. The real prize is 3rd place, and it's up for grabs b/w Thompson, McCain, Paul & Giuliani. The 3rd place Democrat loses, the 3rd place Republican wins.

My Prediction
D: Obama, Clinton, Edwards
R: Romney, Huckabee, Thompson, McCain, Paul, Giuliani


despiteme said...

Hey, how come i cant read your matthew stats blog.

matthew said...

Hey! Welcome back 'despite me' :)

I suppose I made mattstats private b/c i'm not sure how 'personal' it's going to be yet. I may make it public, but to be honest, it's pretty boring! And I'm going turn the stats into more interesting discussion on this blog anyways