Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Voting Day

Unofficial Results:
Town Supervisor (1)
464 Richard Meyers (conservative) (x)
449 John Sweeney (republican, democrat)
Town Councilman (2)
567 Dan Engert (x)
488 Randy Wayner
476 Rob Degnan (x)
240 Richard Ray
(x) = my choice

Many of my readers may have the chance to vote today. Our church is a voting station, so I'll be surrounded by voters all day. They actually vote just a few feet from my office door. But that's Appleton. I live in Somerset. Different town. Different candidates. Different issues. There are basically 3 big issues in my town followed by my ignorant commentary.

1) Should we keep fighting the AES Power Plant despite the cost and the risk of ruining our relationship to the counties biggest tax payer? Are they really ripping us off? Are they a benefit to the town?
I think the AES plant is paying less than they technically should. And I am sure they are paying less than they could. But I also think the town has been way to viscous in their dealings with the #1 tax payer in the county. We are fortunate to have them in our town. We need to stop fighting them and start working with them. I'm generally PRO AES.

2) Should we allow windmills?
The only argument I've ever heard against windmills is that they are ugly. I disagree. I think they look neat. I'm thinking of having one installed in my bedroom just for decoration. The current town board, from what I understand, opposed windmills until they realized everyone else likes them. Then they tried to take the credit for upcoming possibilities brought about by the current town supervisor. I'm very PRO windmill.

3) Has the current town board been nasty in their dealings with the current town supervisor?
I've never attended a town meeting. But numerous sources I trust confirm, to me, that the town board has been quite jerkish in their dealings with the town supervisor. I'm very ANTI current town board based on statements shared with me by meeting attenders.


Tami said...

I like windmills too. I have seen them on Mars Hill, Maine and they are close to the ski place. I think they look neat.

Jan said...

I have raised you to be a perceptive and discerning citizen! Of course, GOD had a bit more to do with that! BTW, sad I have to write your blog to communicate..hardly see you anymore ;-(