Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Master's Program

Houghton College will begin offering a Master's in Theology program in the Fall of 2008. I have been thinking, over the past month or so, about whether or not I'm interested in applying. I've also been asking for some feedback from people with valued opinions. And now it's your turn! Haha.

It's very nearby (1.5 hour drive)
It's not super expensive (less than 16k)
A Master's could open up new ministry doors
The setup allows me to continue at our church

It costs money (16k)
I don't personally value degrees
It takes time away from work at our church
Gas is really expensive :)

What do you think?


Anonymous said...

An open door is seldom a bad thing. Education opens doors. You have a mind to learn. A masters will not limit your ministry opertunities.

Bryan said...

if your there during the day at least you wont have to worry about those crazy hunters out back:)

Anonymous said...

all of your cons refuted your pros hence don't take it

Robin said...

You may not value degrees, but do you value the education you'll receive in getting the degree? Will it enhance your current / future ministies? Will it help you reach goals you've set for your ministry?

The AJ Thomas said...

I think for someone in your position the question of should you is irrelevant - the important questions are do you want to and can you? Does the idea make you excited even when you think about how much work it is - great, figure out how to pay for it and go for it. Are you doing it because it seems like a good next step even thought your heart woulden't be in it? - don't do it.

Aaron Perry said...

My MA has proved invaluable to me, shaping how I do ministry, how I research (which pastors must do on a consistent basis), how I read the Bible, etc. I think a relevant question is also how will this effort, and the practices associated therein (study, solitude, writing, etc.), form you into the person of Jesus Christ?

But in the end, I think AJ has the best question: Do you want to or do do you not?

matthew said...



anonymous2...i suppose if i would have listed the cons first the pros would have refuted them :)

robin...no to the first question in the sense that i think i can learn just as much outside an institutional education. Yes to the second question though. Yes to the third.

aj...good advice. my heart isn't sold on the idea, but i think it's warming to it.

ap...thanks for the thoughts

Jessica said...

I would say go for it. But this is coming from the person who self-admittedly doesn't want a master's because although I love to learn, I'm still not a huge fan of school.

That said, Houghton is a wonderful place and I think you would have a great time there.