Wednesday, October 31, 2007

October Blogger Awards

I'm getting a lot of comments about PINGS. I know they aren't working. I can't get them to work either. They currently seem random and arbitrary. I have been unable to figure out a fix, but I continue to pursue solutions. October blogger awards:

Is Liz a Cat Lady?
Kirk's bad reality shows
Kirk's good reality shows
Elizabeth R on Prayer
Renata loves her church
Jess requires participation
AJ's in Deep Water

Blog of Month: Kirk P

January: Elizabeth S
February: Kirk P
March: Kirk P
April: Elizabeth S
May: Steph P
June: Julie M
July: Mark B
August: AJ T
September: Elizabeth S
October: Kirk P


Sarah Gomez said...

That's why I haven't blogged lately. What's the use if no one knows it's there???

The AJ Thomas said...

For shame Matthew!!! As a pastor you should know that just because it's a problem you didn't cause and one you are completely helpless to fix doesen't mean we can't hold you responsible for it and complain that you haven't done anything about it.

I Lost You At Hello!!! said...

Well elizabeth Stewart. It is down to you and me I believe for blogger of the year. I have won three months and you have won three months. You may argue that in your months combined you have been on top for two more days than me but I would argue I won the all important black history month. May the best person win. If that turns out not to be me then congrats. I will need to take November since I plan to be busy in December.

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations Kirk on another great blogging month.
I would agree it is down to just you and me, though Matthew could get all tricky and have Steph, Julie, Mark or AJ win both Nov and Dec back to back, stranger things have happened on this blog -like random couple predictions coming true. I think it will be a challenge for me to take November with it be National Novel Writing Month, we’ll see what happen. If you are crowned Blogger of the Year I will applaud loudly...good luck.

Anonymous said...

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