Monday, October 22, 2007

American Idols

Idols are small metal objects
Idols are expensive
Idols are carried around
Idols are spoken to
Idols are used in emergencies
Idols are cell phones

For more on cell phones, click here


Aaron Perry said...

Exactly. And I have a new post. *** just aint working for me.

matthew said...

Yeah, I can't figure out why some people aren't getting them automatically NOR why I can't give them manually :(

One thing you could check, just to make sure, is this:
1. Go to your blog SETTINGS
2. Click PUBLISHING tab
3. Make sure SEND PINGS is marked YES

Katie said...

I was curious.. did you come up with tangent off the top of your head Sunday, or was it previously planned?

matthew said...

I always prepare my attacks on cell phone idolatry, it's my duty as a minister of the Gospel

I Lost You At Hello!!! said...

and yet you support a show called American Idol. Such duplicity.