Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Failing Forward

In the spirit of John Maxwell I am going to fail forward. Did I fail? I did. Blogging Day only reached 29 bloggers/blogs instead of 33. But will I move forward? I will. BBC Blogging Day will be back next 9/4 and we'll try to break our record of 29. But there are plenty of positives to take from our 1st BBCBD

~ 29 is the most ever for 1 day
~ Over 850 hits in the past 48 hours
~ I can now get back to real blogging!


Jadon & Amberly's Mommy said...

You did not have 29! Counting 2 people on the same blog doesn't count, and neither does updating ALL of your OWN blogs! You nut! You're that kid that always made up your own rules to help you win in games, aren't you??? ;)

matthew said...

There are various problems with your point (or lack thereof)

1. Tami & Matt Palmer are 2 different people. They share 1 common blog. If you call them and ask them if they were both aware of BBC Blogging Day and it turns out only one of them was aware, I will gladly retract 1 from the total of 29

2. I am an actual person. I have 2 blogs (so your capitalization of ALL is a stretch). Both of my blogs were updated on BBCBD. That clearly counts as 2 updated bbc blogs.

3. That kid that made up rules as he went along was, in actuality, changing rules to an already established game. BBCBD was established by me and, therefore, I make the rules.

4. You are even more of a party-pooper than sarah. What is the keyboard symbol for sticking one's tongue out at another?

Jadon & Amberly's Mommy said...

:-P answer your question

If I'm a party pooper, then you're a flipping dictator. So there!

" :-P "

You should have been a lawyer.

Aaron Perry said...

hey. sorry i missed out. i was in ithaca all day. i wish i could've been 30.

Dena said...

I feel bad I didn't post yesterday and you didn't make your goal. Ell's computer is on the fritz, so we are sharing one (yuck!). He was working hard all day, so it made it difficult to get to the computer. Sorry!

matthew said...

i thank you both for your sorry's

i was very bitter

but now i release you from your sins

Elizabeth said...

YOU release them of their sins? I was sure only God could forgive sins.

matthew said...

but i am the 4th member of what was formerly known as the trinity for lightning

Steph said...

what does it mean when the comments are more interesting than the post?

matthew said...

I don't know, but that happens a lot on my blog!