Monday, September 03, 2007

Blogging Day Prep

So, you want to be part of BBC Blogging day (tomorrow) but you don't know what to blog about? Here are some suggestions:

1. Your testimony
2. Recap of your past 4 years
3. 'I support BBC Blogging Day'
4. 'I don't support BBC Blogging Day...doh!'
5. An essay on 'labor day'
6. All about your best friend
7. Lessons learned at BBC
8. Lessons learned since BBC
9. Courses you wish they had at BBC

Remember, our goal is to have 33 BBC'ers Blog tomorrow (9/4)


Anonymous said...

Hey Matthew,
would love to blog, but can't seem to get into my blogger account at this time! Been wanting to blog for sometime now, but it won't let me into my dashboard!

So yeah i won't be blogging sorry!

Later, Kristie

matthew said...

well that is unfortunate :(

Sarah Gomez said...

I'll be there - I think I start a temporary job tomorrow, so that should give me something interesting to write SOMETHING about.

If not, I"ll come up with something else.