Friday, September 07, 2007

Bad Dream

I think I had some good dreams last night, but I only fully remember a very bad dream from early this morning. I was alone. I was visiting an open casket at night (not a good start for a dream). The body of this old man (who's a real person I know and is not dead in real life) caused me great sadness. I was startled as the body twitched, but I assumed it was just postmortem spasm. Not so much. He woke up and was moving freely. At first, I wasn't extremely scared. I was interested in his story and asked if he had seen heaven, but he said he hadn't gone anywhere yet. But then something changed in him (he took on a very wicked personality, opposite of the man I know) and it was apparent he was not benevolent. I ran from the room purposefully screaming to wake everyone up (it seemed to have been a dormitory of sorts). Quite a few guys came out and I pointed them to the bathroom where the body had entered. It was throwing up into the toilet, but gave us all a violent look as we peered in. At that point he looked more like that skinny monster from The Lord of the Rings. Then I woke up.


Jadon & Amberly's Mommy said...

Distuuuuurbing. What movie did YOU watch before going to bed????

matthew said...

i was just watching football actually. i feel bad b/c the bad guy in my dream is a really nice guy