Tuesday, August 07, 2007

The Simple Life

I'll admit, there have been times over the past years that I've looked at my life and ministry and thought, "this isn't really too difficult." I can read. I can study. I can show up on time. I can lead a Bible study. I can be a good influence. I can avoid making glaring mistakes. Etc. And even when people bring me their problems, sometimes I solve them, or at least point them in the right direction. Life, at times, is pretty simple.

But this week life is messy. Nothing has really happened, but different things weigh on my mind than usual. I can't focus. I can't heal sicknesses. I can't restore relationships. I can't make my wishes come true instantly. I can't meet needs. I can't. Life is pretty complicated.

So I'm glad that the last bunch of sermons I've heard have been about relying on the Spirit.


ConservaChick said...

This is SO true. It always takes the messy weeks to remind us of that (;
Today... I discovered that if you click on your interests on your profile; it pulls up other bloggers with the same interests. HOW FUN. So, I found you because we have apologetics in common, but the fact you like the Gilmore Girls was the clincher! I just HAD to come check you out! ~Karlie

matthew said...

hey Karlie :)

That IS a fun feature, thanks for stopping by. I'm still sad that Gilmore Girls is over, haha

ravi4u2 said...

It's cool we have Jesus to lean on ain't it??? Visit us at http://www.lifeblog.co.nr/

Regan said...

Just today I was thinking about all the responsibilities I have (and all the ones I put on myself), and how often I fail to achieve my goals. Frankly, I feel like a failure today.

Christian platitudes don't always make me feel better.

Do you think we should try to feel better when we have days like this? Or should we just accept the way we feel as a normal human emotion that will pass?

matthew said...

I'm in the 'accept' bad days camp. I only worry about those feelings when they start to stick.