Sunday, August 05, 2007

Catch and Release

Saturday Night we watched Catch and Release starring Jennifer Garner. I didn't like it very much. It was OK until Garner's character kissed the guy who had just lied to her. That sequence of events just didn't seem realistic to me. Parts of the storyline seemed to be either forced or poorly edited. It wasn't funny enough to be considered a comedy and it wasn't romantic enough to be considered romantic. I'm not sure what it was, but it wasn't really worth watching.

Rating: 4.8
Status: Waste of Time


Anonymous said...

i may have liked it better the second time. u should try it a 2nd time. like napolian dynomite ( im not looking up spelling) was sucky the 1st time u watched it but then it was good. i think to review movies u should watch them twice.

Anonymous said...

that was me lauren

Regan said...

I was talked into watching Catch and Release, and I hated it. After that I decided I would never again watch a movie that I was pretty sure I wouldn't like.

I think I didn't like it because the point of the movie is that doing really terrible things is ok, because everybody does them.

Besides, I think I'm too young to watch some of the scenes in that movie. ;)

Angela said...

Wow- Morgan and I just watched this movie last night as well, and we loved it! We laughed so of it were stupid...but overall it left you feeling good and I thought it was good entertainment worth the five bucks.

matthew said...

i highly doubt i'll watch this movie a 2nd time since i barely made it through the 1st :) But that's the interesting things about movies, different people have different tastes in them