Friday, August 31, 2007

August Blogger Awards

August saw 54 BBC Blogs Updated
Remember September 4th is BBC Blogging Day
Here are the nominations for posts of the month

Steph on God's Immutability
Elizabeth's Cold Cat
Lindy's Top 10 TV Shows
Dave's RobBELLion
Jessica's Fling with Fall
Kelly's Trouble/Trimph of 2

The Blogger of the Month Award Goes to AJ. I really like reading about his church visits. Though AJ has had plenty of nominations for 'post of the month,' this is, according to my records, his first award for blogger of the month.

January: Elizabeth S
February: Kirk P
March: Kirk P
April: Elizabeth S
May: Steph P
June: Julie M
July: Mark B
August: AJ T


Elizabeth said...

Maybe someday I'll write an award-worthy post...(sniff sniff)

The AJ Thomas said...

I'd like to thank the mattcademy and the fans...

Jecca said...

Thanks for the nomination, matthew :) I vote for Liz's kitty.

matthew said...

elizabeth, you are at a decided dis-advantage in that your posts are 1) quite thoughtful, 2) in paragraph format, and/or 3) sentimental. I decided long ago to, in general, refrain from giving nominations to family/baby posts since all such posts are equal. And I tend to have a preference for shorter quips and/or list-like posts.

But the nominations are open :)

Elizabeth said...

I'll try not to be too broken up about it. :)

Kelly said...


Robin said...

On an unrelated note, I've moved my JapanLog to Wordpress. Can you update your links?