Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

It hasn't been a great week in Sports. One of football's truly exciting players, Michael Vick, is in huge trouble amidst dogfighting allegations. Baseball is about to have its most prestigious record broken by a guy who everyone knows used steroids. An NBA referee has been gambling on NBA games in what is being called the 'worst situation' of David Stern's era as league commissioner. The NHL's top man, Gary Bettman, has been accused of overstepping his bounds in regards to the potential sale of the Nashville franchise. The MLS has fooled itself into thinking David Beckham & Posh Spice can trick Americans into liking 1-0 final scores. Worst of all, I was 1 hole away from shooting below par at mini-golf Tuesday morning only to screw up big-time.


Aaron Perry said...

this is what happens when a player's character is removed from sports. unfortunately for those with impeccable characters, these guys taint the whole thing.

I Lost You At Hello!!! said...

I don't see the big deal. dogs getting killed is a good thing. Less dogs.

Bryan said...

and more than one rider in the tour de france was found to be doping. It is really upsetting b/c kids call these people their heroes