Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday @ Camp

It's after midnight now. I just got in from being locked outside. Phil & Nate had some fun with that fact. Evening service was fine tonight and the Doerful Family BlueGrass Band played afterwords. All in all, a good day.
I made it to breakfast today. Then we went to the Walk Thru the Bible NT followed by the morning Bible study with Michael Walters. After lunch we played some basketball. The most competitive game ended 18-18 (Phil & Nate vs. Me and a stranger). After that we cooled down by playing Trix. I won. Aaron finished last. Then we went to the bookstore, but I didn't buy anything. Next we tossed a flying disk around until supper. After supper we played can-jam again before evening service which is in a few minutes.


Elliott said...

Whoot for the Doerfols!

Please say hi for me!

matthew said...

oops, i think they left already. but i listened for ya :)