Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Preaching Workshop 2

After 6 more glasses of Upstate Farm Chocolate Milk, I'm toward the end of the 2nd Day of the preaching workshop. It was nice to eat breakfast for a change. I truly love breakfast foods and it's sad that I never see these hours. After breakfast I sat in on a textual workshop led by Kulli Toniste. She focused on the parable of the wicked tenants. I connected with her love for Scripture and approach to interpreting parables (this topic was still fairly fresh in my mind from my 17 week series on the parables).

In the afternoon I attended another textual workshop, this time led by Kelvin Friebel whom I had previously encountered at BBC when he taught Ezekiel. On this occasion he was utlizing Genesis 22 when God tested Abraham as an example of how to build an Old Testament narrative sermon. He warned against inappropriate typologizing, filling in of narrative gaps, and/or taking verses out of context. I enjoyed some back and forth discussion with him near the end of class.

In the evening the panel of faculty opened up to questions from the floor. We asked about using multi-media, how to increase application, use of personal stories, where to find illustrations, how to evaluate your preaching, different styles of preaching, length of sermons, comparison with other preachers, etc. Their answers and the group discussion were insightful. All in all I was pretty happy with the day. And my internet is working again so all is well in the world (cept, of course, for all that bad stuff).


Anonymous said...

It sounds like your last couple of days have been good. I know just being in the surroundings of Houghton is a good feeling, for me anyways!!

*Heathluvsing* said...

Kelvin Freibel's Ezekiel was one of the leads Adam took. I audited the class, but I think I only went to two hours of it. The chairs in the lecture hall were too uncomfortable.

Upstate farm chocolate milk is good. However, Nova Scotia Farmers milk is on the miss list while living in VA.

matthew said...

Yes, I have always enjoyed Houghton's campus. i think it's b/c my area is so flat and vulnerable to attack. But houghton seems protected :)

Heather, I also took Ezekiel with Freibel (I think in 02). Those chairs are very uncomfortable. I think we brought pillows with us.