Saturday, May 12, 2007

Week End Report 1

As an every-day blogger, I'm always trying to make it simpler to know what to blog about. So, as you've probably noticed, some patterns have emerged and certain days prompt certain topics. So, with that in mind, I may make Saturday my 'personal update' day. How was my week intellectually, physically, spiritually & relationally?

I've been enjoying NT Wright this week

Sleeping pattern has averaged 4-11am :(
I played some decent basketball Wednesday
I only got 12 miles of biking in

I think I'm starting to recognize providence

A couple friendships found new levels of quality
Mom wants to set me up with a girl at Home Depot


Jo Hanson said...

Mother knows best.

Dena said...

Go Mom! We need to hear more about the romantic side of Matt Rose, and not the fake "My girlfriend's pregnant and it's not mine" side.

matthew said...

Oh, you want to hear that side of my life? Here it goes....