Saturday, May 19, 2007

Week End Report 2

Here's some stats from this past week

Finished FF Bruce's 'NT Documents'
Working on NT Wright, volume 2

Secondhand Lions
Saving Silverman


TV Shows
Gilmore Girls finale
American Idol
The Office

Local Church Conference
Mother/Daughter Banquet
Volleyball (today)

Only 12 miles


Regan said...

An ex-boyfriend made me watch "Saving Silverman" once. I was appalled. I made him watch Disney's "Aladdin" in return.

matthew said...

yeah, it's certainly not a movie i would buy. secondhand lions was pretty good though.

I Lost You At Hello!!! said...

Just for the record I didn't cheer either for or against the Sabres. I kind of wanted them to win a couple more any ways. if i don't win my hockey pool I will be blaming you.

matthew said...

they didn't deserve to win. they never really showed up for the post-season except for 5 minutes at a time. too bad too, b/c this could have been their best chance to win.

Nata said...

How come I get stars, but no "new"s? I don't get it.

matthew said...

I don't get it either :)

Both of the services (bloglinx & blogroller) are unreliable. I am hoping that the synergy is worth the trouble.

Sarah Gomez said...

yeah - i got a "new" a few days ago.. but now that i updated again, it won't update :(

Why can't anyone just do what they say they'll do???