Monday, May 21, 2007

Shoeless Nerd

I lost my shoes and found out I'm a nerd.

For some reason, I wear old ugly sneakers when I drive to church each Sunday morning. When I get to my office, I see my nice Sunday shoes staring up at me and make the exchange. Unfortunately, this Sunday, my shoes weren't there and so I totally forgot I had ugly sneakers on. 5 minutes into the 1st service I looked down and realized my mistake.

Now, nobody had commented prior to the service, so the following theories emerge:
1) The ugly sneaker & suit combo is acceptable
2) No one looks at my shoes
3) They are too nice to correct me
4) They were joking behind my back
5) They all have poor vision

Anyways, I did have my 2nd string pair of Sunday shoes elsewhere in my office, so I took the next opportunity to change. But my missing shoes became a subject of conversation and eventually turned into a chat about my entire wardrobe which is, apparently, quite geeky. I mentioned how I am thinking of spending some money on new 'cool' clothes and the comment was made that they like 'pastor matt' the way he is (as in, un-cool).

So now I am missing my shoes AND I'm a nerd. It's been a tough day.


Dena said...

If it helps you feel any better...I always went for the brainy/nerdy kind in high school. Maybe that's the angle you should play while playing the field (or with Home Depot Girl). And by the way...why are you doing all this DRIVING to church? Aren't you supposed to be riding?

matthew said...

Not a bad idea. I play a pretty convincing 'nerd'. I'm such a good actor!

And I will be riding my bike home from church this evening and back to church Tuesday morning which will put me at an even 50 miles. Not on pace for my ultimate goal, but on my way toward most of the predictions.

Thanks for asking!

Jecca said...

i don't think you're un-cool or a nerd.

yep, that's all.

Lindy said...

I've come to accecpt myself as a nerd. Mine largely comes from being able to tell the difference between high and low elvish just by listening to them- and my obsession with Firefly/Serenity. Top that off with the ability to name all the Star Trek captins in cronelogical order and you have an official nerd.

I welcome you to the club. :)

Scott said...

I know one thing. That story is pure comedy.I never pay attention to you shoes. I wished I had on Sunday.

matthew said...

haha, thanks scott. i still haven't found my brown pair of shoes so if you see them let me know :)

I Lost You At Hello!!! said...

ahhhh the old suit and old sneakers combo. It's not not bad. White and Nerdy baby. We rule the world. (literally)