Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Idol #4

I disagreed with the judges more often than usual this week. I actually had a really hard time deciding who I liked best too. I think the final 2 should definitely be Melinda & Jordin though. My guess is that Lakisha will go home tonight and Blake will finish 3rd.

Melinda 7, 8 (104)
Jordin 9, 8 (100)
Lakisha 8, 7 (97)
Blake 8, 7 (91)


Jessica said...
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Jecca said...

I saw Idol for the first time this week since it first began. I think Jordin should be the new Idol and Blake should finish second. I didn't like his beat-boxing this week, but I enjoy him.

Jecca said...

don't mean to monopolize this comment section...that first one was me too, but i realized i was still signed into my work gmail id, so i deleted it and reposted :)

matthew said...

no problem. the more comments the merrier (did i spell that right?) :)

Yeah, I think Melinda is the best, but I actually would like to see Jordin win b/c she has the most star potential. I think Blake is good at what he does, but it's not really my sorta thing. And Lakisha was definitely the right choice to go this week.