Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Gilmore Girls 21

First, Jackson made it to the finals. Last week, Luke joined Jackson. This week the very last member of the final trio will be declared by YOUR vote. Will it be an all male final or will Rory rock the feminazi vote? We'll find out in the next 48 hours. Remember to vote FOR 1 character and AGAINST another.



matthew said...

as is my custom, i vote for rory

against kirk

Lindy said...

Of course I'll don my pick ribon and vote for Rory (points to anyone who can name the GG episode this reference came from).

I Lost You At Hello!!! said...

You are all Rory lovers. This displeases me.

Dena said...

Season 5, episode 14 "Say Something". Luke and Lorelei break up and Taylor passes out pink and blue ribbons so the whole town will know who is on whose side. Which reminds me of another reason Taylor should go down...

+ Rory
- Taylor

His Beloved said...

+ rory

- taylor

Lindy said...

And a point for Dena for correctly getting my reference!

matthew said...

yeah, good job dena. that was a pretty good episode.

rory 4
dena 1
kirk -1
taylor -2

I Lost You At Hello!!! said...

I have no heart to do this. The correct answer to this week of course was Kirk. You have all failed. Rory ryhmes with gory which is something I'm not a big fan of. See I can't even do this right now. I've lost my motivation. Evil rory will win it all. I will not be a sheep:

Kirk +
Rory -
Rory-(my cat Rajah voted this one)
Rory-(my cat Sabre voted this one)
Rory-(Trunkface my pet elephant voted this one)
Rory-(Oh hi Amy Grant what are you doing at my house. You came over to vote against Rory? Well I'll put you're vote on here and see if Matthew will count it. He tends to be reasonable about these things. What's that? You want to sing El shaddai with me. Sure let me get my pitch pipe.

matthew said...

i've prayed about this and i'm going to count not only kirk's vote for kirk and against rory, but also his cat's vote. just the 1. sabre. because i like the sabres. i won't count the rest b/c animals generally aren't allowed to vote and i have a 1 'amy' per comment box policy

rory 2
dena 1
kirk 0
taylor -2

Anonymous said...

for rory.
against taylor.

Jo H said...

ooops that was me--jo hanson, just too lazy to sign in.

I Lost You At Hello!!! said...

I can't even get Jo's vote. Why do I put myself through these things? Matt thank-you for allowing Sabre's vote he says "meowwwer meow" Which means my name sake almost blew game 5 but they are fortunate indeed.

Jo Hanson said...

Kirk, you should consider it the highest form of compliment that I do not even choose to acknowledge your 'competition' on my voting ballot. Do you know why? There is only one significant Kirk.

However, I will not be dissuaded from my Rory-loving ways.